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6.5 Birthday Weekend Day Two [Preview]

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Dialect vs Bamalam [On-Beat Battle]: An on-beat clash as top billing on a two-day event! Madness! Just goes to show how much love these style of battles are getting. This clash is completely different for it, Diale...

6.5 Birthday Weekend Day One [Preview]

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Tony D vs Unanymous [Title Match]: This battle is going down, and boy will it be huge. A grand spectacle to kick off the year in true style, aiming the raw fury of adamantium dragons towards our champion. This clas...

ENIGMA | #6BW Predictions Blog [Day One]

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Don't Flop's most disrespectful rapper, Enigma, shares his thoughts and predictions on the 6th Birthday Weekend card and what he's got in store for Bonnie Godiva... CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE:

Why It’s Okay To Cry In Rap Battles

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Hi there. I’m incredibly old. Really old. Old as fuck. I'm probably older than some of your parents. As such, you battle fans quite rightly treat me with a mixture of pity, incomprehension and naked hostility. But w...

What Happened This Fortnight (27/10)

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Hi, my name is Callum. You may also know me as Corny, C Magic, C Faggot or that 12 year old looking 20 year old that is at most events. I’m going to be your new Mos Prob/Bard except I’m far less hairy and far less elo...

Don’t Flop: MCR Vs LDN [Event Preview]

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It's been a funny old year for Don't Flop. It seems the league has tried just about everything. From mega events to nationwide tours, the launch of a new on-beat series, even more viral success, the introduction of ...

[Don't Flop Interview] with Shotty Horroh

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"Firstly, welcome back to battle rap. What brought you back to Don't Flop?" The reason I wanted to come back was because of the British fans. They're the first people who fucked with me, they took me in and this is...

Eurgh & Firts announce new ‘Head Hunters’ Reality Show

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CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE: JOIN THE DISCUSSION: #TeamEurgh [email protected] #TeamFirts

What Happened This Week (31/08)

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  Ladies and gentlemen... mostly gentlemen, welcome to the weekly Don't Flop blog. I'm Bard and I'll be your tour guide through seven days of big announcements, ropey music and even the occasional rap battle. ...

Eurgh speaks on Grime Clashes, Shotty Vs Tony, Don’t Flop USA & 6BW

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Eurgh speaks on Grime Clashes, Shotty vs Tony, Don't Flop USA and 6th Birthday Weekend. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE: JOIN THE DISCUSSION: MC: http:/...

Tony D: Evolution of the Champ

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Back in 2011 the future Don't Flop Champion made his debut against Micky Worthless. Already well known on the UK hip-hop scene from his work with Poisonous Poets, Tony D convincingly beat Micky Worthless, showcasi...

#6BW 2-on-2 Title Contenders… Who Could It Be?

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  Two on two battles: though the concept has never really popped off stateside, it has been a staple on these shores since the WRC days. From Possessed & Whashisface to Ricky C & Crisis Music, battlers...

Lush One Joins Forces with FilmOn.TV

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King of the Dot's Lush One recently announced that he will be forming a partnership with FilmOn.TV to produce an online TV channel dedicated to battle rap. In a recent interview, Lush One said, “Basically, what Fi...

Bamalam – Chest of Draws EP [Review]

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Don't Flop's 2012 killer crop, Bamalam and Cystic, pair up once again but not for battle rap. Long before their battling careers, they were musicians. Taking a break to build themselves a name, they're back with "...

“Total Slaughter” Totally Slaughtered Da Culcha

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“Total Slaughter” Totally Slaughtered Da Culcha The battle rap scene on both sides of the Atlantic is a rising star. Popularity grows thanks to the modern social media era. Jumping on the bandwagon, the Eminem ...

Vote for your favourite #Sunburn battle!

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We dropped the PPV for one of our best events of all time on Monday, and a LOT of you have been enjoying it. We want you to let us know what your favourite battle from the PPV was, by voting in the poll below. ...

Don’t Flop: SUNBURN [Official Event Review]

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It was arguably the most highly anticipated all-UK card in Don't Flop history, and it definitely lived up to the hype. I wasn't there, unfortunately, and I was pretty devastated about it. But I watched the whole PP...

Shotty Horroh Vs Arsonal Officially Highest Viewed Don’t Flop Battle

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Congratulations to Arsonal and Shotty Horroh. Their battle has now surpassed Blizzard vs Mark Grist as the highest viewed Don't Flop battle of all time. It currently sits on 4,377,669 views, while Blizzard vs Ma...

Joe Fire | Don’t Flop Drops

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E&Daniels members Joe Fire does a Don't Flop Drops. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE: JOIN THE DISCUSSION: MC:

Cee Major – Humble Beginnings [EP] Review.

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It's safe to say that Cee Major has spoiled his fans this year, performing freestyles for JDZ Media, Charlie Sloth, Don't Flop and then dropping his long-awaited EP - 'Humble Beginnings'. Humble Beginnings has ...

Don’t Flop: SUNBURN [Event Preview]

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A year ago this week, Don't Flop had one of its greatest ever summer events. Legendary DF venue Brixton Jamm played host during a weekend that was scorching hot both inside and outside of the venue. Summer Standard...

What Happened This Week (29/06)

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Tell you what. How about I do this whole blog without mentioning that thing what happened at BOLA5? We'll all be a lot happier and less wound up not thinking about it. Especially since this was a solid week of release...

Real Talk with Mr 13 (EandDaniels)

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Real Talk with Mr 13 (EandDaniels) OCB Real Talk Episode 2 with Mr 13 Please subscribe to the channel and also check Here is all Mr 13 Links https://www.fa...

#FridayFeatured – 7 Reasons Why I Loved Raptor Vs Lady Shocker

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It's #FridayFeatured time again. This brand new weekly feature highlights the staff team's favorite battle of the week. Eurgh has stepped up this week and Raptor Vs Lady Shocker takes the spot. Let us know what you t...

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