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What Happened This Week (19/04)

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Innuendo vs Lego This week saw the release of another clash of veterans from last month’s Liverpool event. Innuendo’s performance consisted largely of slept-on bars and mega-hyped jokes, most notably in the first rou...

What Happened This Week (12/04)

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The Calcium Kid vs Oshea Oshea and Calcium Kid have been performing in Don’t Flop for a combined eleven years, and it is a huge testament to their longevity that the two are still able to put on a classic main event ...

This is Me – Danny Jaqq | EP Review

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Being a conscious rapper doesn't have to mean you indulge in regular metaphysical experiment or have a deep understanding of geopolitical intrigue. Indeed, an intensity of complexity can often mean audiences are l...

Funkin Hell – Filthy Funk | Mixtape Review

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A lot of people think they can rap now. Or perhaps with the Internet we are now just more aware of people's attempts to be rappers. Whichever it is, it makes artists like Dotz and Peterz, collectively known as Fil...

What Happened This Week (05/04)

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BAMALAM’S WEBHAM Hot on the heels of his show-stopping performance against Dialect, Bamalam has proven that his the on-beat skills he has displayed in battle translate perfectly well offstage. Bam’s WebHam is an aggr...

IT’S A BEEF TING | Checkpoint 2 Roundup

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Oshea vs Lunar C Oshea and Lunar C are two particularly friendly people who openly rate one another as opponents. As such, all the jibing between them has been playful. Oshea has poked fun at Lunar for being a big fa...

Don’t Flop Atlanta: Resurrection | Live Updates

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Don't Flop will be giving you live updates in this blog of our Atlanta event, Resurrection, until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all night. Ness Lee vs Soul  https:/...

TAK3N – Locksmyth | Mixtape Review

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With the perennial promise of the Tone & Smyth Show still hanging, expectantly in the air, Locksmyth is back, displaying his industriousness with his latest solo project: Tak3n. Presented in a traditional s...

What Happened This Week (29/03)

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BAMALAM VS DIALECT “Bamalam bodying an on-beat clash with Dialect? Bruv, I didn’t catch that, sorry”. That’s not to say that Dialect got bodied here, both emcees took at least a round each, but Bamalam’s third had th...

Checkpoint 2 | Preview

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Lunar C vs Oshea Lunar C carries with him, wherever he goes, the clamour of fans, the glamour of musical success, and the promise of at least one million views. There is no higher compliment that can be paid to Osh...

Don’t Flop Philadelphia | Battler Profiles

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The Don’t Flop Philly card is dense with debutants, so we’ve put together a handy guide to the emcees who’ll be gracing the DF stage for their first time. E NESS E Ness’ career has been chequered by notoriety. He wa...

What Happened This Week (22/03)

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Juan vs Uno Lavoz (16/03) Juan vs Uno Lavoz embodied the element of surprise that makes battle rap such a wonderfully unpredictable culture. For starters, nobody but Eurgh knew the battle was going down until Uno Lav...

What Happened This Week (27/01)

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Battle of the Week: This week saw the release of Harry Baker vs Oshea and to say it was a return to form from the big Scouse legend would be an understatement. It was a brilliant contrast in styles between an up and ...

6.5 Birthday Weekend Day Two [Preview]

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Dialect vs Bamalam [On-Beat Battle]: An on-beat clash as top billing on a two-day event! Madness! Just goes to show how much love these style of battles are getting. This clash is completely different for it, Diale...

6.5 Birthday Weekend Day One [Preview]

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Tony D vs Unanymous [Title Match]: This battle is going down, and boy will it be huge. A grand spectacle to kick off the year in true style, aiming the raw fury of adamantium dragons towards our champion. This clas...

ENIGMA | #6BW Predictions Blog [Day One]

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Don't Flop's most disrespectful rapper, Enigma, shares his thoughts and predictions on the 6th Birthday Weekend card and what he's got in store for Bonnie Godiva... CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE:

Why It’s Okay To Cry In Rap Battles

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Hi there. I’m incredibly old. Really old. Old as fuck. I'm probably older than some of your parents. As such, you battle fans quite rightly treat me with a mixture of pity, incomprehension and naked hostility. But w...

What Happened This Fortnight (27/10)

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Hi, my name is Callum. You may also know me as Corny, C Magic, C Faggot or that 12 year old looking 20 year old that is at most events. I’m going to be your new Mos Prob/Bard except I’m far less hairy and far less elo...

Don’t Flop: MCR Vs LDN [Event Preview]

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It's been a funny old year for Don't Flop. It seems the league has tried just about everything. From mega events to nationwide tours, the launch of a new on-beat series, even more viral success, the introduction of ...

[Don’t Flop Interview] with Shotty Horroh

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"Firstly, welcome back to battle rap. What brought you back to Don't Flop?" The reason I wanted to come back was because of the British fans. They're the first people who fucked with me, they took me in and this is...

Eurgh & Firts announce new ‘Head Hunters’ Reality Show

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CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE: JOIN THE DISCUSSION: #TeamEurgh [email protected] #TeamFirts

What Happened This Week (31/08)

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  Ladies and gentlemen... mostly gentlemen, welcome to the weekly Don't Flop blog. I'm Bard and I'll be your tour guide through seven days of big announcements, ropey music and even the occasional rap battle. ...

Eurgh speaks on Grime Clashes, Shotty Vs Tony, Don’t Flop USA & 6BW

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Eurgh speaks on Grime Clashes, Shotty vs Tony, Don't Flop USA and 6th Birthday Weekend. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE: JOIN THE DISCUSSION: MC: http:/...

Tony D: Evolution of the Champ

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Back in 2011 the future Don't Flop Champion made his debut against Micky Worthless. Already well known on the UK hip-hop scene from his work with Poisonous Poets, Tony D convincingly beat Micky Worthless, showcasi...

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