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Wizard – On The Bench 2 [Mixtape]

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On The Bench 2 (Mixtape) by Wizard Super producers Wizard and DJ Heritage return with Volume 2 of the 'On The Bench' mixtape series. This time around the beats are backed with some of the hottest rappers and vo...

Kris, Jay Beatz & Briggzy – Tick Tock [Music Video]

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Mosh Team member and DF battler Briggzy teams up with fellow Mancunians and 2/4 of 'The Mend', Kris and Jay Beatz. The music video is for track 'Tick Tock', filmed and edited by SB.TV for SB.TV.

Prince Kong x Mad Hatter – Mad Gorillas After Party [Mixtape]

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Brand new project from Boozetown members Prince Kong and Mad hatter entitled Mad Gorillas After Party. Released 24 February 2014 Tracks 1, 5, 6 and 7 prod by Mad Hatter Tracks 2, 3 and 4 prod by KD Mixed...

Tali Vs Money Mitch

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From our first ever Raise The Bar event after the retirement of Set The Standard, at Brixton Jamm featuring two newcomers to the league, E&D member Money Mitch Vs Tali.

Bilzar – What You Want From Me [Music Video]

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Brand new music video from London grime artist Bilzar, exclusive to the Don't Flop channel for rap style track 'What You Want From Me'.

Bru-C – Kamehameha [Music Video]

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Brand new music video from Notts representative Bru C entitled Kamehameha with a cameo from Psychosis Holochaust. Produced by The Elementz. Filmed & Edited By JungleWire. Released on Phlexx Records.

Wizard – Sweet Shop [Free Download]

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Cream Collective are proud to present the latest single from Hastings based producer and artist Wizard. After receiving some excellent feedback from his previous release alongside Lobster Music partner Scizzahz, this ...

Flexplicit Feat. Loaded Lux – I Rise

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Brand new track and music video entitled 'I Rise' from Flexplicit of Highrise alongside battle rap royalty Loaded Lux and featuring UK singer Eldeem. via KOTD Media.

DF Drops Presents Suus

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Continuing our flagship bars series is Newcastle representative and Don't Flop veteran Suus, who recently battled Cystic at Set The Standard X.

Lefty – G Something [Music Video]

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Check out this dope new music video from Legionnaire's member Lefty for track 'G Something' taken off the recent mixtape Left Side Story. Download Left Side Story on iTunes:

Big J – Overload [Free Mixtape]

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Overload by BIG J Brand new 9 track mixtape from DF rapper Big J feat. Jendor, Lady Shocker, Lefty and Young Gattas. Cop it from his Bandcamp here:

Bamalam – Burn Away My Memories [Free Download]

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Burn Away My Memories by Bamalam Brand new track entitled 'Burn Away My Memories', from our very own Bamalam aka Joel Wattz. Written and produced by himself. Beat also up for grabs! Download it for free now at h...

Suus – Boy Done Good

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Official net video for 'Boy Done Good', the feature single off Suus' debut album by the same name. Cop the album from his Bandcamp here:

E&Daniels ‘Raise The Bar’ Cypher

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Check out this E&Daniels Cypher straight from Raise The Bar at Brixton Jamm featuring Dr Psycho, Joker Starr, Flabz, Joe Fire, Mitch, Mystro, Micall, Parknsun, Locksmyth and Josiah Matrix. Beat by Micall Parknsun. ...

Natrill – And You’re Back In The Room EP [Review]

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Do battlers make shit music or can musicians just not battle? It's one of those chicken/egg questions which we keep coming back to as battling, and battling in the UK in particular, starts to establish its own identit...

Natrill – And You’re Back In the Room [EP]

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And You're Back In the Room by Natrill Check out the brand new EP from Don't Flop head Natrill, entitled 'And You're Back In The Room'. Beats produced by Leaf Dog, Elbe Kim, Anno Domini and Dan Griffiths. Mixed...

Evila – Turning Over A New Leaf

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New music from Evila, produced by Suus entitled 'Turning Over A New Leaf' featuring Silvar Laidlow of Top Boy Round Here from Evila's new album.

Jai 90 – Flex [Flexplicit Diss]

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After recently being scheduled to battle Flexplicit at STSX in Brixton, Jai 90 drops a new diss track for him after the battle was called off. Check it out!

Flexplicit – Stick To Your Day Job [Jai-90 Diss]

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Check out this new Flexplicit track, which is a diss for Jai 90 entitled 'Stick To Your Day Job'. The 2 were meant to battle at STSX, the last ever Set The Standard event, but eventually didn't go down.

Wizard – Winter Tan EP

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Winter Tan EP by Wizard If you want the 'Winter Tan EP' for free head over to the Facebook page: All tracks produced by Wizard except track 5 produced by Wiza...

Impact Feat. Phili’N'Dotz – Rhymeology [DF Films]

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Brand new music video from Don't Flop Films for Impact's new track 'Rhymeology' featuring Hip Hop duo PhiliNDotz.

Chester P Talks Battle Rap With Mos Prob

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I spoke to Chester P of Task Force recently about Don't Flop and battle rap in general. He gave us a good insight into his own battling past and what he thinks about the sport today. Check it out below. You’ve be...

E&Daniels – Bar Crawl EP [Review]

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E&Daniels are a Hip Hop supergroup comprising of a wide selection of rappers from the UK - including, amongst others, head honcho Mr 13, Tony D, Micall Parknson, Ceezlin, MysDiggi, Locksmyth, Flabz , Jae Moe, RaWw...

Flexplicit #TweetDiss [Higherstakes]

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Brand new music video from Flexplicit, seemingly aimed at various Don't Flop emcees ahead of his battle this weekend agains't Jai 90. Video by JDZmedia.

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